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Software Process and Measurement Cast

The Software Process and Measurement Cast provides a forum to explore the varied world of software process improvement and measurement.  The SPaMCast covers topics that deal the challenges how work is done in information technology organizations as they grow and evolve.  The show combines commentaries, interviews and your feedback to serve up ideas, options, opinions, advice and even occasionally facts. 


Jun 17, 2024

Earlier this year Mastering Work Intake (JRoss Publishing) co-authored by Jeremy Willets and myself was published. The book focuses on the full pipeline that work follows as it enters and exits your organization, including the different types of work that enter at multiple levels and times. It is a must-read for agile coaches, Scrum Masters, product owners, project and portfolio managers, team members, and anyone who touches the software development process. 

Mr Willets and I are announcing a free Work Intake Summer Camp. The camp will help across eight LinkedIn Live sessions and cover the eight primary causes of work intake problems. The first session will be held on June 19th at 11:30 AM EDT (for more information ). 


Each session will:

  1. Define one work intake problem per session, 

  2. Identify how to recognize the problem, 

  3. Offer a pragmatic approach to tackling the issue, and

  4. At least one scary story of work entry gone wrong (this is summer camp)

We would like you to register at our Maven page so we can remind you when the session goes live. If you register we also have a Work Intake Problem Worksheet that we use in our workshops that we will email.  However, if you’d rather not register on Maven you can set a reminder on LinkedIn at In either case, we will announce when the sessions go live on LinkedIn.

Feel free to share the invitation with others. We will ensure we have enough virtual juice boxes for stories around the campfire.