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Software Process and Measurement Cast

The Software Process and Measurement Cast provides a forum to explore the varied world of software process improvement and measurement.  The SPaMCast covers topics that deal the challenges how work is done in information technology organizations as they grow and evolve.  The show combines commentaries, interviews and your feedback to serve up ideas, options, opinions, advice and even occasionally facts. 


Feb 3, 2013

Welcome to the Software Process and Measurement Cast 223!   

The Software Process and Measurement Cast 223 features my essay on Benchmarking Agile. The essay begins:

Benchmarking is the search for answers and perhaps if we get very excited, we might say the truth. Benchmarking any project or organization takes time, effort and focus to accomplish. In most cases we expend the effort to measure and benchmark so that we can improve the overall system or organization rather than any single project.

SPaMCAST 223 marks the beginning of columns by Kim Pries.  Kim is a teacher, author, polymath, phenomenologist, problem-solver living Texas. In this column Kim talks about improving testing. The audio is not perfect howver the content is great and we are working on the the technical issues.  Check out Kim's LinkedIn page.

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Recently, Kirill Klimov, a listener to the SPaMCAST published an article title "Agile Podcasts: A Great Learning Alternative" on INFOQ.  Kirill states that he is passionate about Agile software development and podcasting at the same time. He is trying to promote wide spreading Agile with podcasts.  Kirill created article about great reliable Agile podcasts. SPaM Cast is there! Here is the link:

Shameless Ad for my book! 

Mastering Software Project Management: Best Practices, Tools and Techniques co-authored by Murali Chematuri and myself and published by J. Ross Publishing. We have received unsolicited reviews like the following: "This book will prove that software projects should not be a tedious process, neither for you or your team."


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The Software Process and Measurement Cast 224 will feature an interview with Michael Burrows.  We talked Kanban and  blog entry on the values of Kanban titled, "Introducing Kanban Through Its Values.