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Software Process and Measurement Cast

The Software Process and Measurement Cast provides a forum to explore the varied world of software process improvement and measurement.  The SPaMCast covers topics that deal the challenges how work is done in information technology organizations as they grow and evolve.  The show combines commentaries, interviews and your feedback to serve up ideas, options, opinions, advice and even occasionally facts. 


Nov 13, 2016

The Software Process and Measurement Cast 418 features our interview with Larry Cooper.  Larry and I talked about his project, The Agility Series.  The series is providing the community an understanding of how Agile is applied and how practitioners are interpreting practices and principles.

Reminder: Schedule Change for Vacation, Travel and Holiday

Last week I was in Sweden for the  Øredev conference with a day of sightseeing thrown in. New listeners joining from the conference: WELCOME. The trip was great, and the conference was awesome and mind-expanding.  I will publish a review soon.  Brazil and Métricas 2016” is next followed immediately by the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.  This is the long way of saying that I will be publishing on an every other week basis through November 27th.  We will be back to weekly posting in December.  

Larry Cooper’s Bio
Larry Cooper is a Project Executive in the public and private sectors in Canada and the USA and holds over 20 industry certifications in Agile, Project Management, and ITIL. His books include “Agile Value Delivery: Beyond the Numbers” (which was endorsed by a co-author of the Agile Manifesto) as well as the “The Agility Series” to be published over the next year or two. He was also the Mentor for “PRINCE2 Agile” published by AXELOS.

Larry has  been an invited speaker at numerous conferences and symposia for the PMI, BAWorld, and the itSMF. He has presented global webinars with BrightTalk and and authored more than  30 courses including an Agile-oriented curriculum that is sold directly to training companies in Canada and the USA.

The first two book in the Agility Series on  Organizational Agility and Leadership Agility are  available for free download at as is The Adaptive Strategy Framework Guide.

You can join the adventure with the rest of the Wisdom Council for the Agility through their LinkedIn group

Re-Read Saturday News

The read/re-read of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni (published by Jossey-Bass) continues on the Blog.  Lencioni’s model of team dysfunctions (we get through most of it this week) is illustrated through a set of crises used to illustrate the common problems that make teams into dysfunctional collections of individuals. The current entry features the sections titled Film Noir and Application.  

Visit the Software Process and Measurement Cast blog to participate in this and previous re-reads.


The Software Process and Measurement Cast 419 will feature four essays.  Essays from Kim Pries, Jon M Quigley, Gene Hughson and one from The SPaMCAST will be featured.

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