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Software Process and Measurement Cast

The Software Process and Measurement Cast provides a forum to explore the varied world of software process improvement and measurement.  The SPaMCast covers topics that deal the challenges how work is done in information technology organizations as they grow and evolve.  The show combines commentaries, interviews and your feedback to serve up ideas, options, opinions, advice and even occasionally facts. 


Oct 7, 2012

Software Process and Measurement Cast 206 features my interview with Kenny Rubin.  We discussed his book Essential Scrum, A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process.  Help support the SPaMCAST by reviewing and rating the Software Process on ITunes!  It helps people find the cast. 

Kenny Rubin provides Scrum and agile training and coaching to help companies develop products in an effective and economically sensible way. A Certified Scrum Trainer, Kenny has trained over 18,000 people on agile and Scrum, Smalltalk development, managing object-oriented projects, and transition management. He has coached over 200 companies, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 10.

Kenny was the first Managing Director of the worldwide Scrum Alliance, a nonprofit organization focused on the successful adoption of Scrum. In addition to this book, Kenny is also the co-author of the 1995 book Succeeding with Objects: Decision Frameworks for Project Management. He received his B.S. in Information and Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and his M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Kenny’s background is rooted in the object-oriented technology community. He started as a Smalltalk developer on a NASA-funded project back in 1985 and developed the first blackboard expert system outside of LISP. In 1988 he was fortunate to join ParcPlace Systems, a start-up company formed as a Xerox PARC spin-off, whose charter was to bring object-oriented technology out of the research labs and release it to the world. As a Smalltalk development consultant with many different organizations in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, Kenny was an early adopter of agile practices. His first use of Scrum was in 2000 for developing bioinformatics software.

In the course of his career, Kenny has held many roles, including successful stints as a Scrum product owner, ScrumMaster, and member of development teams. In addition, he has held numerous executive management roles: CEO, COO, VP of Engineering, VP of Product Management, and VP of Professional Services. He has also overseen the development of five commercial software product suites, generating over $200M in aggregate revenue. In addition, he has been directly involved in raising over $150M in venture capital funding and assisted in taking two companies public on the NASDAQ.

His multifaceted background gives Kenny the ability to understand (and explain) Scrum and its implications equally well from multiple perspectives: from the development team to the executive board.

Contact Kenny:

Twitter:  @krubinagile

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The SPaMCAST 206 is sponsored by LeanKit Kanban. 

LeanKit's visual management tools provide industry-leading visibility and control for teams following any flavor of Agile process from XP, to Scrum, to Kanban or any hybrid in-between. LeanKit makes it amazingly easy for you to visualize "Your" process, whatever it may be, so you can better see how your work is getting done, improve collaboration, communicate results to managers and customers, and analyze results for process improvement and improved forecasting. LeanKit works great as a standalone tool or integrated with other tools for issue tracking, release management, source control and more. For a free trial go to Use "Essential Scrum" as a coupon code when you sign-up for a 10% discount.


Also in SPaMCAST 206 I continue featuring elevator speeches for the upcoming AgileTrek and TesTrek Conferences.  This time Gil Broza!

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Mastering Software Project Management: Best Practices, Tools and Techniques co-authored by Murali Chematuri and myself and published by J. Ross Publishing. We have received unsolicited reviews like the following: "This book will prove that software projects should not be a tedious process, neither for you or your team."


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Upcoming Conferecnes

Conference season is coming.  I will be speaking at the following conferences and look forward to meeting up with all SPaMCAST listeners and contributors.

October 20 - Agile DC (just learning!)

AgileTrek, November 9th in Toronto

TesTrek, November 5 - 8 in Toronto

ISMA 7, October 28 - 31 in Phoenix, AZ

Remember!  Help support the SPaMCAST by reviewing and rating the Software Process on ITunes!  It helps people find the cast. 


The Software Process and Measurement Cast 207 will feature my essay whose working title is "Instant Gratification" or my review of Discover to Deliver and  Bill Fox's column.