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Software Process and Measurement Cast

The Software Process and Measurement Cast provides a forum to explore the varied world of software process improvement and measurement.  The SPaMCast covers topics that deal the challenges how work is done in information technology organizations as they grow and evolve.  The show combines commentaries, interviews and your feedback to serve up ideas, options, opinions, advice and even occasionally facts. 


Mar 22, 2020

The SPaMCAST 592 features my interview with Shelisa Bainbridge. We talked about human-centered design and the impact of design on the development process. This approach is core to understanding what the customer wants in a way that influences every line of code.  We also talked about how organizations adopt agile and women in agile.

 Shelisa is a Senior Business Coach with more than 20 years of experience working with some of Canada’s most notable brands.


Through her various corporate experiences, Shelisa has come to understand the exponential power that ‘human connection’ has on a company’s bottom line, and the support that businesses need to attain exceptional results through brand loyalty and unwavering internal team trust and collaboration.

Shelisa is the Head of Human Centered Delivery (HCD) at one of Toronto’s top Agile Consulting and Coaching groups, Agile by Design. HCD is a complete flow that combines Design Thinking, Agile, User Experience(UX), and validated learning. Shelisa B. helps to arm teams with the skills they need to shift the mindset, culture, and methods required to increase agility. 


Re-Read Saturday News 

This week we focus on Chapter 4 of Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High, Second Edition by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, Switzler. The chapter is titled, Learn to Look: How To Notice When Safety Is At Risk. 

Week 1 - Logistics, Forewards, and Preface - 

Week 2 - Chapter 1: What’s a crucial conversation? And who cares? - 

Week 3 – Chapter 2: The Power of Dialogue  

Week 4 - Chapter 3: Start With Heart - 

Week 5 - Learn To Look - 

If you do not have a copy or have tossed it at someone during a crucial conversation, it is time to buy a copy. Please use the link (using the link helps support the blog and podcast).

Book Club Starting Soon

** Only a few seats left ***

Jon M Quigley and I are starting an online book club to read and discuss the classic books that underpin the lean, quality and agile movements.  The name of the book club is “Quality, Agile, and Lean Classic Books: Greatness in the Workplace”. The first book is Out Of The Crisis by Deming (don’t have a copy —

We are starting our dialog on Friday, April 10th and the event will run over 7 sessions (we will avoid as many religious and national holidays as possible). We are only opening 10 seats for each group of sessions. We are changing a one time fee of $3.13 which equates to 4.95 (ish) once Eventbrite factors in their fees to encourage people that sign up to show up.

More information and sign up at 


The SPaMCAST 593 will feature my interview with Scott Crabtree.  Scott and I talked about the impact of being happy at work has on performance and outcomes. Perfect timing for this interview!  

Also, I may have some special content in the feed over the next few weeks. A little lagniappe because we all deserve it right now.